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house_of_scatha's Journal

2 June
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I'm married, with a nearly-three year old daughter, and I have a full time IT job in the financial sector (these days I count myself lucky) so that leaves very little time for anything else.

Pre-fatherhood days I spent my time rock-climbing and drinking and gigging ... these things happen less regularly now. I still manage to write (some), but not as much as I like. I've had some short stories published. And I also make time for some gaming ... of the role-playing game variety.

I'm an ex-goth, who sort of just wandered away from the scene, and has much fondness for the things gothic without dressing black.

I stand 6' 2" tall. Have blue eyes and brown hair - which is starting to recede - and a goatee.

That enough of my life story to get you started?